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Category: Activities

A Sabbath Candle
Festivals on Shabbat
Celebrating Shabbat First Time
Shabbat Observance in Space
Driving to Shul or Graduation on Shabbat
Candle Lighting
What is a Melacha on Shabbat?
Musical Instruments on Shabbat
Electric Shabbat Lights
Riding a Tricycle
In Honor of Shabbat
Covering Eyes and Shabbat Candles
Gateways Retreats
Heating Pizza on Shabbat
Stock Transactions and Shabbat
Shabbat Candles
Reading Glasses
Blessing the Children Under a Tallit (Prayer Shawl)
Pre-Shabbat Siren
Speech on Shabbat
Day of Rest
How Many Candles
Shabbat Rest in the 21st Century
Feeding Pets
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