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Category: Chanuka

Celebration of Education
Chanuka Today
Why Eat Sufganiyot (Donuts) with Jelly Filling?
Festivals on Shabbat
Menorah in the Temple
The Color of Candles
Menorah Disposal
How to Light Chanuka Candles
Dorm Chanuka Lighting
Chanuka and the Menorah: Why and When and How?
Chanuka and Elephants
Chanuka and Education
Electric Chanukia
Chanuka Gelt
A Rabbinic Mitzva
Lighting When Traveling Overseas
The Word Chanukia
Chanukah Presents and Money
Re-using the Shamash
Chanuka Foods
Why Do We Play Dreidel on Chanuka?
8 Reasons for 8 Days
A Great Miracle
Chanuka and Physical Strength
Playing Dreidel
What if the Greeks had Won?
Menorah Wicks in the Temple
We Will Survive
A Chanuka Primer
The Laws and Customs of Chanuka
Menorah Shape
An Eternal Flame
Chanuka: Increasing the Light
All or Nothing?
Sub-Categories for 'Holidays'
Rosh Hashana
Yom Kippur
Simchat Torah
Tu B'shvat
Lag B'Omer & Sefira
Remembrance Days
Independence Day, Jerusalem Day
Yom Tov
Fast Days, The Three Weeks

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