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All for the Best


I’m really trying to succeed at finding a job but seem to always come up short. How do I know if I’m really doing enough and things are just the way they are and I just need to “deal with it”, or if I really should be trying harder or taking a different approach. Thank you. answered:

There is a basic principle in Judaism that “also this is for the best”.

Regarding your specific case, I don’t see how anyone can know if you’re really doing as much as you are supposed to do. For example, are you really qualified for the jobs you apply for, or is there something more you can do or study in order to make yourself more “hirable” in the natural order of things?

While you continue to make your reasonable efforts to find a job, I suggest saying a little prayer each day that God will help you find the right job at the right time. And that He will help you manage well both financially and emotionally until then — and after that as well!

Regarding prayer to God that you get what you want, I’d like to share with you the following thought that is essential in approaching prayer in the correct way. There is a huge difference between asking God for what you want and between expecting God to grant your request. A person is supposed to ask God for the things that he feels that he needs and wants but he also needs to know that God can say “No” to his request. If he asks knowing that there is no guarantee that he will receive it then he can keep asking over and over again. If, however, he imagines that God has some kind of an obligation to give him what he is demanding, then his demands are founded on the ill-guided concept that God "owes" it to him.

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